CM249553 - Fire Vector

CM249553 - Fire Vector
file include
Can be used for various purposes.such as headings, logos, t-shirt, letterhead, , lable, news, posters, badges etc. To enable the OpenType Stylistic alternates, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Indesign & CorelDraw X6-X7.
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CM248705 - Geist Typeface

CM248705 - Geist Typeface
8 OTF 784 KB RAR
Geist is a sans serif display typeface with a ton of styles. The download includes eight different styles which you can check out from the screenshots above. Shadow, vintage and inline versions work better in greater sizes.
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CM243073 - Inkredible

CM243073 - Inkredible
2 TFF 2 OTF 684 KB RAR
Inkredible One and Script by TypeFaith Fonts is a lovely display font. It is a characteristic font with a retro feel. It contains ligatures, alternatives, and some special characters. The OpenType layout features can be used to position or substitute glyphs. How to use OpenType see
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CM246054 - Pandora Typeface

CM246054 - Pandora Typeface
Pandora is a weird typeface, it was inspired by a lot of things, some album covers and American Horror Story among some of the inspiration. It consists of 3 different fonts. Ep.1 is the simple version of the font, Ep.2 has more geometric elements and is more abstract and Ep.3 is just out of this world.
The typeface only includes Uppercase letters and numerals.
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CM241979 - Hemingwar Font + Extras

CM241979 - Hemingwar Font + Extras
3 WOFF 3 TTF 3 OTF 5.44 MB RAR
Hemingwar is a sturdy hand-lettered font family inspired by Hemingway's adventurous life that started from humble beginnings. It's rounded corners give it a warm, approachable aesthetic. Perfect for badges, logos and type based design, this font looks great on curved paths or as an accent piece to that beautiful script font you love to use. Keep it classic or add some flair to your project with one of the 9 alternate letters included!
Here's what's included when you buy Flycatcher's Hemingwar Font Family:
Hemingwar Font - OTF, TTF, & Web Font | Hemingwar Stencil - OTF, TTF, & Web Font | Hemingwar Roughened - OTF, TTF, & Web Font | Each includes 26 letters, 10 numbers, & limited punctuation
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CM241683 - Dogtown sans serif headline font

CM241683 - Dogtown sans serif headline font
4 OTF 14.72 MB RAR
Dogtown is my attempt at adding a massive amount of texture to a font. I used my own rolled ink textures to give that old school printed look and feel. It has a mix of three styles to give that wood type vintage letterpress effect.
It works best at large sizes as there is so much detail.
It has 4 versions in total
  • Dogtown 1 - With light texture
  • Dogtown 2 - With medium texture
  • Dogtown 3 - With heavy texture
  • Dogtown (regular) - Contains all of the above using contextual alternatives.
Contextual alternatives
That means it will alternate between 3 glyphs for each letter, number and punctuation mark. You will need to turn of contextual alternatives option in your design package for this to work.
You can also switch out letters by selecting through the glyphs palette or by selecting Dogtown one, two or three font.
The intention was to make everything look more irregular and less repetitive, more like natural letterpress printing.
It includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, symbols, western european, central european and South Eastern glyphs. The font format is otf. In the main regular font (with contextual alternatives) it has over 600 glyphs!
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CM241984 - Ironfield CF font

CM241984 - Ironfield CF font
10 OTF 1.16 MB RAR
ronfield is a bold, husky display font featuring strong lines, even spacing and a firm voice. As a font without curves and minimal kerning, Ironfield says it loud - yet the thin weights and unconventional lowercase set allow for elegance too.
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WeGraphics - Monsters ? A Broken and Shattered Font Face

WeGraphics - Monsters ? A Broken and Shattered Font Face
Monsters is a broken style font face. Its creepy style is perfect for book covers, album designs, or movie posters. The letters are random sizes and tilted at different angles, which results in words that seem scattered and hand placed.
TTF | 21 Kb
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Exquisite Font Set (1&2)
Exquisite Font Set (1&2)
18 OTF | 4 TTF | 10 MB

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633 Fonts Collection
633 Fonts Collection
OTF | TTF | FON | PFM | 76 MB

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Bobby Jones Font Bundle - CM 129103
Bobby Jones Font Bundle
TTF, OTF | CM 129103 | 1,1 MB


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CM239920 - Brushfiber Typeface with Bonus

CM239920 - Brushfiber Typeface with Bonus
Brushfiber is a script that accentuates the hand brush fibers look very spontaneous, natural look. Great for designing posters, t-shirts, book covers, movie covers, clothing, cards, Billboards, store brand, etc. OpenType feature gives you more alternatives in the design.
There is no extended license needed
Including files
  • otf. ( Including: Swash, Initial Terminal form, form, Stylistic Alternates, Standard Ligatures )
  • ttf.
  • Web fonts (eot, svg, woff, woff2)
  • Bonus Icons (Ai, EPS, Png, Pdf)
  • Basic Latin A-Z and a-z
  • Number
  • Symbol
  • Multiple language support
To enable OpenType style backup, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Indesign & CorelDraw X 6-X 7.
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CM238011 - HYPSLETTERS Script • SpalshKit


This font was created with lots of love! It is a modern cursive. All letters are rough, ragged texture. Font mimics the inscription bristle brush on textured watercolor paper. He looks great in large lettering. This font smells like a man. Font bold and confident. This font is ideal for many of your works.
This set of high quality hand painted real watercolor flower images may be used for:
  • printed paper stationery (postcards and others, business cards)
  • magazines and booklets
  • fashion (t-shirts, totes, aprons) other DIY projects
As an added bonus, the package includes 5 watercolor brush EPS format, a file EPS with additional elements graphical now 11 ink splashes of different shapes, abstract element 21 ink, symbols of chess and some other handwritten symbols . All symbols that has the font shown in the image preview
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CM237211 - Adrift Font Pack

CM237211 - Adrift Font Pack
ADRIFT is a handsomely hand-lettered font family inspired by the hopeless wanderer inside of all of us. It includes 4 weights (regular, medium, bold, and roughened). Each of these come in otf, ttf, and a webfont. This sans serif is perfect for logos, typography, prints, and t's. Keep it classic or add some flair to your project with one of the 17 alternate letters included!
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Magic Fonts Bundle (28 Fonts)
Magic Fonts Bundle (28 Fonts)
28 Fonts | 45 TTF | 8 MB

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Vintage Style Graffiti Fonts (TTF)
Vintage Style Graffiti Fonts (TTF)
75 TTF | 10 MB

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CM230892 - Whiskey label font and sample label

CM230892 - Whiskey label font and sample label
2 EPS woff OTF 19.36 MB RAR
Whiskey label font and sample label design with decoration dusty background
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CM229510 - Comic Papyrus Font - FINALLY!

CM229510 - Comic Papyrus Font - FINALLY!
Move over Brangelina. And Bennifer. And Kimye, TomKat*, and Desilu. And sporks. And ligers. EVERYONE MOVE OVER! We're making room for the world's first genetically engineered superfont.
Presenting Comic Papyrus. You heard right — COMIC FREAKIN' PAPYRUS! Your two most favoritest fonts ever have FINALLY been smooshed together typographically, just as Darwin intended. Cross-bred. Cross-awesomified.
So stop wasting hours switching back and forth between your two old favorites, and just use your new favorite instead. Comic Papyrus combines the timeless rustic qualities from centuries past with the hilarious fun-loving wit of today's funny pages. It'll make you laugh (like a joke) and cry (like a mummy). Simultaneously!
How much would you be willing to pay for such a catharsis? Give me five bucks and I'll give you the last font you'll ever need.
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Commonly Used Simple Fonts - 25 Fonts
Commonly Used Simple Fonts - 25 Fonts
TTF | OTF | 12 MB

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CM - Mrs Doodle Fonts
CM - Mrs Doodle Fonts
 2 TTF |  2 OTF | JPEG Preview | 335 KB RAR
Let us introduce Mrs Doodle and Mrs Doodle Kids! This is a great proposal for any hand-crafted printed and digital goods related with kids, love, happiness...
Mrs Doodle represents all numerals (0-9) and latin letters (A-Z) with a funny style.
Mrs Doodle & Kids represent a lot of doodle goods as flowers, hearts, ornaments, flourishes, arrows, balloons, stars and others.
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Hand Drawn Fonts Bundle - CM 221020
Hand Drawn Fonts Bundle - CM 221020
13 OTF | 10 Premium Fonts | 0.54 Mb
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CM140904 - Painel

CM140904 - Painel
3 TTF1.05 MB RAR
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CM177644 - Detective

CM177644 - Detective
Typewriter is a classic mechanical typewriter font. The font was constructed 100% by hand. It is an ode to the invention that shaped reading habits and the idea of legibility, the typewriter. This font combines old-fashioned charm with modern typographic sensibilities. It can be used for business correspondence or in any work that requires an old-fashioned, personal look.
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Premium Fonts - CM 8656
This collection now includes 124 original font families (we started a year ago with only 54 font families), with a total of 1,577 fonts in all. Each font is in OpenType font format and can be used for any personal and business project on both Mac and PC computers. International character support is standard for every premium font.
OTF | 1577 total fonts | 124 unique font families | All fonts in OpenType font format | Cursive, creative, classic and other beautifully crafted styles | Regular, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic, Condensed, Condensed Bold, Condensed Italic, Expanded, Expanded Bold, Expanded Italic, Wide, Wide Bold, Wide Italic | Perfect for presentations, logos, business cards, websites, advertisements, brochures, holidays, weddings, and more | 49.7 Mb
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WeGraphics - Static Love A Noisy Font Face
WeGraphics - Static Love A Noisy Font Face
Static Love is a fuzzy, noisy, and grungy font face. It fits well into any gritty style design. It?s the perfect font to show your love of static.
TTF | 256 Kb
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